About Time – Lennard Kok


De boekpresentatie van dit boek is op vrijdag 24 november in De Utrechtse Boekenbar. 

About Time looks back at 6+ years of work by artist Lennard Kok. It contains a mix of personal drawings and commissioned work. The book captures and archives different moments in time that were important to Lennard’s career. About Time contains 35 works and series, giving the viewer a new perspective on how Lennard’s work came to be and in what direction his work is headed.

“The book shows a selection of works that are still close to my heart and that sometimes, looking back, were defining moments in my way of working and thinking”.

Design: HouseTMM
Edition: 500
Pages: 192
W x L: 170 x 220 mm
Year: 2023

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