Flaneur #7 – Sao Paolo


For their latest and boldest issue to date, Flaneur immersed itself in the complex layers of São Paulo’s Treze de Maio. In collaboration with multi-disciplinary artists, academics, and locals, Flaneur embraces the street’s complexity, its layers and fragmented nature with a literary approach. The street Treze de Maio (13th of May) here is both a place and a time: the 13th of May 1888, the day of the official abolishment of slavery in Brazil. In that way the issue reads the city layer by layer, forming a multi-voiced collection of contributions that are interwoven with the editor’s outsider voice that explores the reoccurring themes within them. With contributions by, among others, Karlla Girotto and Alessandro Marques, Camila Svenson and Pétala Lopes, Paulo Nimer Pjota, Guilherme Wisnik, Tatewaki Nio and Andre Collazio.