Image of a Memory – Merijn Hos (different hand drawn covers)


This publication is a special document with a unique hand-drawn cover in an edition of 80 but each cover caries a unique pencil drawing in 4 colors. On this evening Merijn will draw the covers live in front of the audience.

Image of a Memory depicts melancholic feelings in a semi-abstract poetic way, through flowers and everyday objects. The flowers in this exhibition symbolize human interaction. At some point flowers wilt but always seed offspring and bloom again.

Merijn Hos (Enschede, 1978) earned a BFA degree in illustration from the School of Visual Arts in Utrecht, where he also lives and works. His art projects have been exhibited worldwide at KK Outlet, Chapter One and Rough Trade in London, Beginnings Gallery and Grey Area in New York, Showroom Mama and Stedelijk Museum Kampen in the Netherlands, Studio Banana in Madrid, Parsons School of Design in Paris, McCulloch Gallery in Melbourne, and Design Museum in Helsinki. He also works on commissioned projects for clients like Down The Rabbit Hole Festival, 30303 Records, Vice Magazine, Coca-Cola, Nike, KLM and the New York Times.

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