Orchestrated Appetite – Mikki Schellevis


The upcoming of mass media in the 20th century, has led to an immense shift in our consumer behaviour. We have built an entire system, an image mediated culture that surrounds the original product. We are in search of a rich diversity in experiences, we are attracted to spectacle, we are seduced by the image. Slowly, we have distanced ourselves from what we actually consume: the object.

The underlying reality is of little importance.

The object is surrounded by a system. A system that signifies. We are absorbed by it. The act may be conscious, or it may not. We are drawn to the orchestration of the object. Its aesthetics appeal to us. These aesthetics guide us. Its image reflects upon us. This image gives us meaning. We are enhanced by it. We are defined by the system.

The underlying reality is of little importance.

This tableau vivant illustrates our image mediated consumer culture.