Prior to a Curb – Pepe Petropoulos


In the course of a couple of weeks I frequently visited Buitenveldert, a suburb of Amsterdam that was built in the 1950’s as a modernist enterprise.
New ideas how better living could be achieved were implemented, first of the grid on which it is built along with spacious modern flats, big sidewalks, parks and playgrounds. Fully grounded in the progress ideal of that time. A first sight at what urban planning and housing would come to look like in the Netherlands.

As I went through the neighborhood as some sort of stranger, inhabiting the pavement and the walls, somewhere between wandering and dwelling. I started wondering what it is to inhabit a structure?
Trying to reorient myself, I left this structure and I went in between the pages. Regarding the book as a stack of paper – or rather a stack of spaces – folded in half.
Going through, underneath and over the pages, to encounter the book as a lived structure.

prior to a curb is made by hand in an edition of 30. It’s available for sale at 135eu a piece, signed and numbered. You can order it by sending an email to pppetropoulos (at) gmail (dot) com.

(book, b/w laserjet on 100gr recycled paper, rubber band, 56 pages, 28 x 19 cm, edition of 30, 2017)

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